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Yoda MimoMicro Card Reader


Brand Mimoco

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He's just a simple swamp-dweller, what would he know about the ways of the Force? He just spends his days idly hmphing, and cackling-away in the dark and remote forests of Degobah. Judge this awesomely sculpted Yoda MIMOMICRO®, MicroSD card reader and USB drive not by its size (unless you're talking data capacity!), but by it's sheer awesomeness. Share your MicroSD card with friends, plug it in to your mobile device, transfer data to your computer with its USB port, and do it all with the Force as your ally. Yoda MIMOMICRO® comes with a built-in keychain, a flip out USB port, an LED light (so you know it's workin'!), and it also puts you on the short list of Jedi Grand Masters. Specifications: microSD™ USB card reader, compatible with microSD™, microSDHC™, and microSDXC™ memory cards. Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface. Mac/PC compatible. 1.75'' tall by 1'' wide. Keychain included. One-year limited warranty.

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