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Spider-Man MimoPowerTube2 2600mAh Marvel Backup Battery | Mimoco


Brand Mimoco

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Personalize your digital lifestyle with Mimoco™s friendly neighborhood SpiderMan power bank. Keep your phone fully charged for the next time the Avengers MimoPowerDeck team call you for help! 

Decked out in his iconic costume, Spider-Man joins the MimoPower family as a 2600mAh portable battery charger. MimoPowerTube2 is an external battery capable of charging smartphones, digital cameras, and other portable gear. Small enough to store in a pocket as you™re swinging across the city, MimoPowerTube2 is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Mimoco™s Marvel power banks will keep you powered when your cellphone battery is too tired to continue the fight. Spider-Man isn™t the only recruit from Marvel Comics that can charge your 5V devices with MimoPower. Now you can choose your favorite Avenger or collect all styles of MimoPowerTube2 to customize your very own line up of Earth™s Mightiest Heroes.

MimoPowerTube2 features a power button to check your charge level while you™re on the go via LED light indicators, 1A output, and a matte finish with a smooth rubberized texture. Each package will contain a USB to micro USB charging cable for recharging your MimoPowerTube2 as well as a microfiber carrying pouch to keep your screens free of grime and to keep your charger safe from Oscorp! 

Note: USB cable and pouch included may differ in style and color from what is shown.


  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Cell Type: Li-ion battery
  • Input: DC 5V 1A
  • Output: DC 5V 1A
  • Cycle Life: 500 times
  • DC Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Dimensions: 22 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 60.7g
  • Compatibility: Most devices with 5V input that draw a charge from USB, such as smart phones, portable speakers, cameras, GPS, handheld gaming systems, etc. Some USB charged devices may have proprietary charging specifications and are not compatible.

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