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Abraham Lincoln MIMOBOT Legends USB Flash Drive | Mimoco


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Abraham Lincoln flash drive available in up to 64GB capacities! Lincoln has been immortalized as the “Great Emancipator,” America’s 16th president, the first to be assassinated, and famous for freeing the slaves and unifying his country. His Gettysburg Address, beginning with the iconic words “Four score and seven years ago,” is considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. What better way to store your own influential documents than with the help of a Lincoln thumb drive with a design after one of history's most iconic and important figures? 

Abe’s MIMOBOT form leaves the top hat to the imagination and showcases his famous Lincoln chin curtain-styled beard. He sports a bow-tie to accompany his classic mid-19th century theater-going duds. Just like the real thing, our Lincoln USB flash drive wants you to bring your ideas to the masses wherever your adoring public may be waiting for you. The perfect gift for history fans and an excellent office companion, Lincoln MIMOBOT allows documents, music, photos, and data to be shared, transported and collected no matter capacity or the color of the plug.


  • Preloaded digital Mimory extras include wallpapers, icons, and more!
  • Mac/PC compatible.
  • 2.5" tall by 1" wide.
  • One-year limited warranty.

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