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What is Mimory?

MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives aren't just the coolest looking, cutest, friendliest, and most collectible memory sticks in the universe...Each MIMOBOT also comes pre-loaded with bonus character-themed Mimory® content for your enjoyment!

Mimory \mee-mō-rē\:

Exclusive content preloaded only on MIMOBOT. Desktop graphics, rich media, music, digital magazines, virtual goods, and more, including:

  • mimoDesk® \mee-mō-desk\ personalization suite: Icons, avatars, wallpapers, screensavers, and other surprises related to each character and series to enrich your digital desktop and mobile experience.
  • mimoByte® \mee-mō-byte\ sound software: Randomly plays character specific sounds and voices every time MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from your computer. For more info on our new mimoByte™ software, check out our mimoByte™ page!

About Mimory preloaded content

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