MimoByte® Sound Software

As an added bonus, many MIMOBOT USB flash drives (see list below) include preloaded MimoByte® sound software that you can install to play random character-specific sound bites each time Mimobot is inserted or ejected from your computer!

Here’s how it works:

  • You will need to download the appropriate version of the software installer for the OS you'd like to use. 
  • MimoByte sound software is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X (10.5 or higher).
  • If your MIMOBOT includes MimoByte software, and your computer is connected to the internet, when installed, the application should automatically download the sound files it needs. Your MIMOBOT will now play fun sounds whenever you insert or remove it from a computer with the sound software installed. Hooray!
  • If your computer did not automatically download the files, you will need to manually download the appropriate sound pack and copy the sound pack file to the root directory of your MIMOBOT. To determine the right sound pack file for your MIMOBOT, reference the list below.
  • Your MIMOBOT USB flash drive requires a specific volume name for the MimoByte sound software to function properly. Reference the list below for proper volume naming conventions.
  • For more information, see the README document that came preloaded on your MIMOBOT.

Questions? Comments? Bugs? We want your feedback!   Let us know by email!


Last Version Released 6/27/13
Windows: MimoByte_2.1.3075.msi

Mac: MimoByte_2.1.3075.dmg 

Sound Packs:

  • Adventure Time (for MIMOBOTs named BMO, FIONNA, JAKE, PRINCESS or FINN): at_sp.frk
  • Bruce Lee x MIMOBOT (for MIMOBOTs named BRUCE_LEE): bruce_sp.frk
  • Domo x MIMOBOT (for MIMOBOTs named DOMO, NINJA_DOMO, or RASTA_DOMO): domo_sp.frk
  • Elvis x MIMOBOT ( or MIMOBOTs named ELVIS_ARMY or ELVIS_ALOHA): elvis_sp.frk
  • GI Joe (for MIMOBOTs named COBRA_COMDR, SNAKE_EYES or STORMSHADOW): gijoe_sp.frk
  • Hooded Maul May 4th Exclusive (for MIMOBOTs named HOODED_MAUL): maul_sp.frk
  • Jar Jar Binks May 4th Exclusive (for MIMOBOTs named JARJAR): jarjar_sp.frk
  • My Little Pony Series 1 (for MIMOBOTs named RARITY, RAINBOWDASH or TWILIGHT): mlp_sp.frk
  • Star Trek Series 1 (for MIMOBOTs named DATA, PICARD, KIRK, SULU or SPOCK): st1_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 1 (for MIMOBOTs named CHEWIE or VADER): sw1_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 2 (for MIMOBOTs named HANSOLO, LEIA or LUKE): sw2_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 3 (for MIMOBOTs named C-3PO, SIDIOUS, ROYAL_GUARD or WICKET): sw3_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 4 (for MIMOBOTs named DARTHMAUL, REX, DARTHVADER, DARTHVADERC or LUKEVADER): sw4_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 5 (for MIMOBOTs named R2-D2, STORMTROOPR, JAWA, OBI-WAN, HANTROOPER or LUKETROOPER): sw5_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 6 (for MIMOBOTs named LOBOT, LUKE_HOTH, SNOWTROOPER, WAMPA or YODA): sw6_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 7 (for MIMOBOTs named BOBA_FETT, BOSSK, LEIA_BOUSSH, HAN_SOLO, LANDO or TIE_PILOT): sw7_sp.frk
  • Star Wars Series 8 (for MIMOBOTs named ACKBAR, JABBA, SLAVE_LEIA, JEDI_LUKE or BIKERSCOUT): sw8_sp.frk